Feeling under a self-imposed obligation to post this morning and having no idea what to blog about, I have decided to compile a list of issues, some with deadlines, some without deadlines that I just can’t hack.

Issues with close deadlines
By the time you read about these issues, they may have already been resolved. Here goes:

– Demba Ba. Who advises talented Demba Ba on his career? The manner his proposed transfer away from Hoffenheim has been handled is highly laughable and the player would do well to employ new advisers after all this assuming he has advisers

– Wayne Rooney. What kind of player is Wayne nowadays? Is the poacher he was last season, or the deep lying forward he was before then? Personally, I believe he’s a misfiring Filippo Inzaghi who earns about 180,000 pounds/wk. Now think about that

– Federico Macheda. What happens to the boy now as it seems Pazzini will be staying and Marilungo has left? Can he partner Pazzini up-front considering what they offer to the side is quite similar?

Issues we’ll have to wait till the summer and beyond to understand

– Manchester United’s attack. With many fans still “unfairly” – (my opinion) divided on Berbatov, with Wayne Rooney misfiring (for how long?), and with Javier Hernández looking like the bargain of the last five years for Sir Alex Ferguson, What will Manchester United’s attack look like next season? Factor in Welbeck, Macheda and Diouf (He’s still on loan). A perfect understanding of Ferguson’s methods and a fair understanding of his tactics will be necessary to break this down.

– FIFA and UEFA meeting up? With Blatter running for the presidency of FIFA, the chances of anyone being able to oust him are low. Would it take Michel Platini running for the the same post to remove Blatter from that position? Will Platini consider it? Will it make any difference? One for the UEFA, FIFA and CORRUPTION experts

– The title race. With many “lazily” believing Manchester United can win the league playing poorly away from home, has anyone taken the time to analyze all the teams involved in the title race? How are the fixtures distributed for Manchester United especially the away games? Are Chelsea realistically out of running for the premier league like a number of EPL fans (fickle ehh?) seem to think?

– Milan. How many player’s contracts will expire this year. Personally, I believe the number has been exaggerated. With the pending clear-out being anticipated by Milanistas(?) all over the world, a transfer campaign is being expected. How many players are actually leaving? Will the difference in wages between the old and the new be able to fund a transfer campaign? Can Silvio Berlusconi fund the transfers whilst in power or will he resign? One for seasoned Milanistas schooled in Silvio’s politics.
Note: No matter how seasoned you are as a Milanista, Galliani and Berlusconi will outwit you but it’s still worth having a go ehh?

– Bundesliga. With Dietmar Hopp seemingly having total control at Hoffenheim? Is the 50+1 rule a myth? How will the Bundesliga react and are finances in Germany as tight as we like to think they are?
Unlikely in my opinion bearing in mind a club’s ability to sustain itself for the season is what the league checks and some clubs employ “smokescreens” like Schalke??

– Spain. Will the duopoly in Spanish league ever end. Simple answer is no. So we can imagine that in 100 years, Madrid will be second and Barca will be first again since Madrid and Barca will share the best talents/players (Villa, Llorente) between themselves. Pretty simple and straight.
Note: Just had to touch Spain though I don’t fancy the system

– Centro Médico FC Barcelona. Assuming Daniel Alves truly does the things Dr. Simon Lowe says he does, do Barcelona have some kind of Milan Lab facility where they have managed to produce drugs that can’t be detected? How do Pedro Ledesma, Xavier Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, David Villa et al manage the World Cup’s high intensity and manage Barcelona in the space of weeks? How does Lionel Messi fly all around the world from Argentina to Korea (right?) and come on for 18 minutes and score two goals without breaking stride. Much has been made about how Milan manage to sustain their players considering Mario Yepes, who was a, and I quote, “Member of the Stasi”, is still a “Hot Prospect” at Milan. Maybe someone who fancies the Liga can just look into the Centro Médico FC Barcelona. It might be something or there’s just nothing there.

Well that’s it folks. All the questions I have no answers and I’m too lazy/simply incapable of answering myself. Maybe someone fancies any of them. If a comment will do, post it or write a post and if you’re kind enough, send me the link @stonegold546. Thanks a lot

6 thoughts on “Thought provoking issues.

  1. Answer to Dietmar Hopp (50+1). Also provided by @dan_bu (http://www.twitter.com/dan_bu)

    “He only holds 49% of the voting shares, but 99% of the authorised capital. His involvement in the Gustavo transfer was investigated by the DFL, because some clubs thought that Hopp decided to sell him on his own. Officially it was Tanner” who happens to be the Hoffenheim sporting director.

  2. Where has this Daniel Alves stuff come from. Have you got a link to a story or something, can;t find it on a google search.

    • Barcelona play an energy consuming pressing game and they do not seem to be affected by the fatigue associated with playing continuously for a long time. The Centro Médico FC Barcelona is the medical department at the club and I’m wondering how the institute is set up. The reference to drugs is a personal joke

      • Cheers, thought I’d missed something, I see your point though. Messi just had a shocker of a penalty, any idea who their designated penalty taker is? Alves?

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