There’s an increasing number of football fans who take less interest in following the Premier League because of the style of football but most have been impressed with Blackpool this season. Blackpool aren’t Barcelona but they play a passing game and the forwards are allowed all the creative freedom they want with the likes of DJ Campbell and Gary Taylor-Fletcher displaying flair supporters of some bigger sides can’t dream of seeing. At the centre of this all is Ian Holloway who after spending time out of the beautiful game returned with a renewed football philosophy and his team has been a breath of fresh air to the rest of the league. In Charlie Adam, he has found a player who can coordinate the rest of the side and symbolizes his football philosophy and in recent weeks, it appears this player, Charlie Adam wants to leave the club.

I support Manchester United so I don’t believe I have any right to preach to anyone about loyalty (even in light of this) because I cheer players like Wayne Rooney (-ed – hypocritical right), Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick week-in/week-out and with Rohan Ricketts’ tweets on twitter and Roy Keane calling players “pieces of meat”, it is important to understand that a good number of players feel the need to further their careers whenever they get the chance to. It’s also refreshing to see a good number of Blackpool fans understand the need for Charlie Adams to further his career by moving to a bigger club. But is a move to Liverpool in the best interest of Charlie Adams?

At the start of the season, we all witnessed Hodgson’s move to Liverpool and the most commonly touted reason was that that was his last chance to manage a top side and we all witnessed how badly it ended. It is very likely Charlie Adam’s and Roy Hodgson’s thoughts aren’t too dissimilar though the results might be different still. While Charlie Adam has shown himself to be a good player just like Hodgson was/is a good manager, is Charlie Adam what Liverpool need and is Liverpool what Charlie Adam needs?

One the first, given the anticipated return to pass-and-move football Liverpool want to lay emphasis on, Adam is a good passer of the ball. Given that players like Adam after a number of issues with the club might feel the need to move on especially if a club like Liverpool come calling, it seems reasonable for Adam to want the move. My personal opinion though is it would be not so reasonable for Charlie Adam to move to Liverpool.

Adam and Blackpool, a pair made in heaven: Charlie Adam has to be considered an extravagant player whose style is perfectly suited to Holloway’s. He has a tendency to attempt the outrageous when passing and shooting. At a bigger club, his freedom will be much limited given that he is playing with bigger and “better” players. Whether this sharpens the rough diamond or tames the beast, only the result can possibly tell that.

Lucas and Raúl Meireles: As mentioned here on The Tomkins Times, this portuguese speaking pair has developed an understanding and even Steven Gerrard would be better suited to a position behind Torres when he returns. Some have mentioned a return to the Mascherano-Alonso-Gerrard partnership with Adam replacing Alonso. This idea may not necessarily be that of a lunatic because both are midfield ball players but why break up a working partnership in Lucas-Meireles? Adam will be coming into a team with a partnership that works so he has to fight for his place. Why lose first-eleven action and key player status to work in an environment where you can easily fall victim of “the Konchesky“?

Four million pounds: As Holloway has said, Charlie Adam clearly isn’t worth four million pounds in this day and age. Charlie Adam is 25 and can provide Liverpool with about 6 to 7 years of quality service considering his playing style and modern medical techniques. If Liverpool consider him a vital part of the team the manager wishes to have, more than four million will be offered. Liverpool probably feel four million (Poulsen’s transfer fee) can be written off if the Adam experiment fails. As Holloway has said, if Liverpool offered 14 million pounds for Charlie Adam, he probably would sell him and at 14 million pounds, Kenny Dalglish would work hard to ensure he is a success but as we all know, Liverpool would not pay that because acquiring Charlie Adam isn’t key to the plans at Anfield as he’s coming in to be a squad player.

What is ambition? A desire for success? What is success? Staying up is success for Blackpool but considering Blackpool’s brilliant first-half of the season, a top-half finish will be a better definition of success at Blackpool. For this season, a Europa-league spot can be considered success for Liverpool. Are these supposed goals too far apart? Is it better to stay at mid-table Blackpool and be a key player or move to continental Liverpool to become a squad player or even risk being a failure? Considering he has only played in the top flight for six months, is a move to Liverpool where expectation can be considered unreasonably high reasonable? These questions are for Charlie Adam and his advisers to answer. There’s also the thing called a wage rise too though.

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